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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 1, 2010 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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former vice president al gore. there wasn't enough evidence before, so, what's changed in the case? plus, alex is now a tropical storm, but it's still causing massive flooding in the streets, tearing off roofs in mexico and spreading even more oil along the gulf coast. also, flight risk? the suspected russian spies will be in court today hoping to get released on bail, but they have a problem. one of the suspects already ran off. and it's been ten hours since basketball star lebron james became a free agent. let the courting begin. talking about some big money here and good thursday morning to you, i'm jeff rosen. live from msnbc world headquarters here in new york. we are going to begin in oregon and police are reopening the investigation into allegations by a massage therapist that former vice president al gore made unwanted sexual advances
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towards her during a massage four years ago. with the details, here's nbc's peter alexander. >> good day to you, police will not say why they reopened this case from an alleged incident in 2006. in the past, they had said there wasn't enough evidence to move forward. it's important to note that right now no charges have been filed against the former vice president. and his spokesperson told nbc news late wednesday that mr. gore unequivocally and emphatically denies the accusation. this is the woman making the explosive allegations. 54-year-old molly hagerty speaking out in "national enquirer." she claims former vice president al gore made unwanted sexual advances during a massage appointment at this upscale portland, oregon, hotel on october 24th, 2006. gore was in portland to deliver a speech on climate change. portland police say hagerty canceled several appointments with detectives in 2006. but three years later in january
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2009, she finally came forward to police, speaking in an interview that was recorded on tape. >> he approached me and grabbed me and gave me a big tongue kiss. >> reporter: in the police report, the alleged victim claims gore pinned her down on a bed. she told authorities she feared there would be consequences if she didn't cooperate. >> i finally told him, i said, you're being a crazed sex poodle. hoping that he'd realize how weird he was being, yet he persisted. >> reporter: three months after the alleged incident, hagerty told police that she won't pursue the case. hagerty is photographed with what she claims is evidence in the case. clothing she says she wore the night in question. a spokeswoman for the former vice president tells nbc news further investigation into this matter will only benefit mr. gore. the gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading and
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inaccurate story generated by tabloids. mr. gore unequivicably and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. he stands by that denial. it's another unlikely headline for one of america's most famous families. following al and tipper gore's announcement last month that they were separating after 40 years of marriage. the "national enquirer." reported that she was willing to sell her story for $1 million. but late wednesday night the tabloid told nbc while it practices checkbook journalism, they could not confirm or deny if any money changed hands for molly hagerty's story. nbc news tried without success to reach molly hagerty and no charges have been filed against the former vice president and police will still not elaborate on why they reopened the investigation into this alleged incident that dates back to 2006. jeff? >> peter alexander, thanks.
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it's now tropical storm alex, but the problems they're not over yet. dangerous flash floods and mudslides and even tornadoes could hit parts of mexico and texas with this system. texas hit mexico with full hurricane force before being downgraded to a tropical storm. driving rain is expected to pound southern texas today. last night, some residents ended up sleeping in a school when they lost power, but in texas, no major damage or deaths were reported. nbc meteorologist bill karins is following this storm and the aftermath to the oil spill. how is it looking? >> this storm was so huge it affected the entire gulf. it takes a while for the ripples, which are the waves, to calm down. that's what we're dealing with. one thing we're looking at. storm dying down over mexico that's not a big surprise, but waves continue to be high. these are the highest waves we've seen. right now at the site about eight-foot waves are being reported and that's too high for the skimming operations and even
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for the booms that's too high. so, a lot of that has seized. that will resume tomorrow. three to four-foot waves tomorrow afternoon. what we're going to watch as far as the extended forecast. this is where it gets more interesting. this is supposed to be a very active tropical season. alex was the strongest hurricane we've seen in june in 50 years. the water and the ocean temperatures are extremely warm, much warmer than they should be for this time of year. that's the fuel for additional storms. we don't have any other waves or anything out there pending over the holiday weekend and looks like we'll get a little bit of a break. as we go through july, things start to ramp up quickly. we'll be in the peak of the season august, september and october. a big milestone on day 73 of the gulf oil disaster. the gushing oil expected to hit the 140 million gallon mark today. that's the largest oil spill ever in the gulf of mexico.
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bp is hoping to get back on track after hurricane alex, now tropical storm alex kept its skimmers tied up for two straight days and stopped crews from laying boom and spraying chemicals. we have some breaking news for you now on the economy. today, a sign that more people are getting laid off. new claims for unemployment benefits rose for the second time in three weeks. according to the labor department, new claims jumped by 13,000, it brings the total 472,000. analysts had predicted a small drop in new claims. a big june job's report expected out tomorrow and we'll get it in just a few moments from cnbc. other news now and the real-life russian spy drama continues to build each day. today, nine of the ten russian spies arrested on sunday head to court for bail hearings. we're also learning more about the russian agents who led a very successful american life. many of them did while gathering intel and even trying to recruit new agents from columbia university students and profe
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professo professors. each of their profiles very different ranging from anna chapman here promoting herself in a video. >> i think the most challenging part of my life really started when i quit all my jobs. really cut all my salaries and really did something i wanted to do. >> to the murfaez wphies who pl themselves in southwest new jersey and raised american-born children. now, members of the spy ring are facing bail hearings. joining us now security editor jeff stein. jeff, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> let me ask you a question. how much intel do we think they gave to the russians? >> nothing. not much anyway. i think they got used to living the good life here in the states and decided to maybe just throw some tidbits at moscow and see if they could float it along like that. in any event, their job really wasn't to spy in the normal sense of the word. their job was really to spot potential spies for recruiters
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to pitch. >> was this just a breakdown in american intelligence? it appears they were being bank ruled by the russian government, even to pay for their homes. how did we miss this? >> it's a very sophisticated kind of operation and the russians spent years training these people to be americans and be virtual americans and canadians and then slip them into this country. they're very hard to catch if they, you know, observe normal security rules. they burrow deep into the society, as all their neighbors have said and no one suspected them. they just didn't fit the mold there. these are long-term, very elite deep penetration agents. >> and, so, what does this mean for u.s./russian relations and do we think that there are other spies who are sort of living among us here? >> well, a prosecutor said in court yesterday that there might be other spies here. he talked about the tip of the iceberg. that's possible. on the other hand, oddly enough, both sides seem to be playing
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this down. we haven't expelled any of the russian diplomats that were meeting with these agents. >> right, why is that? >> i don't know. i think because we have more important business to do with the russians. counterterrorism and trade and other issues and both sides want to keep it kind of calm. >> do we have spies in russia? >> we hope so, don't we? >> right. >> our spies are heroes and their spies are rats. >> right. >> all right, jeff stein, our security editor. jeff, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. more testimony today in the confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee elena kagan. while the 50-year-old has wrapped up her time in the hot seat, today senators will hear from outside witnesses. if follows days of sharp exchanges and the complaints that the nominee was short on specifics. >> it could be my hope that we could find some place between voting no and having some sort of substuative answers but i
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don't know it would be useful to pursue these questions any further. >> despite gop opposition, the top democrat on the committee is predicting kagan's certain confirmation. if true, that could happen before the senate's august recess. a solemn ceremony under way in washington right now for the late senator robert byrd. the casket of the west virginia democrat is now inside the u.s. senate. members of congress will be paying their respects to byrd who died monday at the age of 92. byrd is the senate's longest ever serving member and the first person to lie in repose there since 1959. he'll actually be on a platform, by the way, after being carried in there by the honor guard. it was originally built for abraham lincoln. so, our condolences to the byrd family. it's like a scene out of a horror movie. a 50-foot monster destroying small towns around the country, but it's not a movie. it's a republican campaign ad against house speaker nancy
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welcome back. at 14 minutes past the hour now, developing here on msnbc, hurricane alex is now tropical storm alex. the storm crash under to the mexican coast sending 1,000 people from coastal fishing villages to higher ground. about 100 miles away in brownsville, texas, neighborhood flooded and crews used boats to rescue residents from the waters, although the storm is getting weaker, people are worried about a chance for flash
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floods and mudslides, of course. our team on the ground there and while we'll keep an eye on this for you. want to turn now to the morning rush and new developments surrounding the case of that missing boy in oregon. the stepmother of 7-year-old cirn hormon has hired a defense attorney. the woman who was the last known person to see kyron alive. he has been missing for nearly a month. ten years after a custody battle between the u.s. and cuba, elian gonzalez has a message for the american people. thank you. the now 16-year-old credits a large part of the american public for backing the decision to reunite him with his father in cuba after he was found floating off the florida coast. though he's now a teenager, most remember him as this terrified child hiding in a closet. he is not angry with the u.s. or their base relatives and says he's happy with his life in cuba. beginning this morning, a perfect glow is going to cost
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you just a little bit more. trips to the tanning bed will carry an additional 10% tax. part of a health care overhaul that passed in march to discourage people from the so-called fake and bake which is linked to rising rates of skin cancer. to politics now, president obama today will try to reboot the push for immigration reform with his speech in washington, d.c., within the hour immigration reform is taking on renewed urgency with arizona's controversial law that will take effect this month. president obama made it a key issue on the campaign trail, but didn't even bring it up in the state of the union speech this year. now he's under pressure over the arizona law and seeing a big drop in his approval rating among hispanics. it is down 12% since january do just 57%. i'm joined by stewart bertiri, founder of the monument policy group, i figured you would jump in and help me and michelle walker.
10:17 am
thanks to both of you for joining us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll start with you, who i mispronounced your name. this is obama's first speech on immigration as president. he said he would get to this. he would get to it in his first year of presidency and why now and why did he wait over a year? >> he will say in his speech and has said before, we need bipartisan commitment to this and the key thing to remember i served under president bush that legislation to congress would consider not only is going to provide relief to undocumented workers, but bring some needed enforcement tools that you can't get right now. employment verification and those types of things that you can only get through the legislative process. >> michelle, this is a problem, this gallup poll down from 57% and what do you think of that and do you think immigration speech will help? >> i think it will help, but action will help even more. polls are tricky thing. you see the polls showing a lot
10:18 am
of support for americans but you've seen even higher support from really a combination of legalization and a working system and enforcement. i think we need to focus on the poll os where there is agreement that that's what we need to move forward. >> what are the president's chances of actually passing something? >> i think he has got time left on his term. he has 2 1/2 years. i am sure he will ask for action but he needs to think about it ov ov over the long hall. we need high-skilled workers and low-skilled workers and the fact the economy is down right now, laws that are on the books for 10, 20 years and we need those workers over the long hall. he needs to talk about that. >> michelle, we'll give you the last word. what do you want to hear from the president and what is happening in his speech? >> i would like to hear him say even though some americans support the law, i think if he reaches out and says he's in favor of a combination of
10:19 am
legalization, a workable system and fair enforcement, that's the message that we need to hear right now. >> michelle, stewart, thanks so much for your time. appreciate it. >> thank you. by the way, the president's speech on immigration reform, as i mentioned, is just about a half hour away. we're going to have live coverage coming up at 10:50 eastern time. stay right there. basketball star lebron james is now up for grabs. the king became a free agent at midnight. lebron's future team will have offer him just more than $100 million. what will it take to bag lebron? they can have me for a fraction of that. it's the grossout story of the day. maggots falling on a passenger and many of them aboard a major commercial airliner. where these nasty bugs come from in the first place. we'll get to that in a moment. time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. former artificial salesman was on a plane drinking a beer when he had a brain storm, a lime-shaped bottle opener.
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attention and slugger rob johnson hit a shot right down the right field line and watch the ball, watch the ball, smacks right into the fan's face as he is on his cell phone and another re reason -- oh, what are you laughing about? that's mean. speak up. he deserves it, wow, strong words. all right. so, this is not your silly snakes on a plane, instead, it's plain gross. crawling around the commercial passenger airliner right here in the u.s. a passenger packed spoiled meat and put the nasty luggage right in the overhead compartment. oh. as the plane was pulling out of the gate, the bugs began falling on to people sitting below and crawling around the cabin. the usairways jet returned to the gate, it was clean, passengers caught a new flight. they probably beat that guy outside the gate, right? wonder woman's wardrobe is
10:24 am
getting a makeover. her short shorts and halter top, i see nothing wrong with it, are in the back of her closet now. the d.c. comices crime fighter will now wear more modern skin. tight black pants, you like that better? boo? yea or nay? you don't like it? the navy motorcycle jacket, too. her sig nutual element. a golden tiara and the magic truth telling lasso. they're all still there. you like the one on the left? you like left? i like right. let the games begin, the grand prize of this year's nba free agency is king james himself. darren rovell following the sweepsfaeks. i'm not sure which wonderwoman you like better, but the new lebron will do better. >> this is unbelievable. it started at 12:01 a.m.
10:25 am
so, you know, ten hours ago, 11 hours ago and they're starting here. big power brokers involved for the new jersey nets. it's russia's richest man who owns the team and jay-z. james dolan, of course, of cablevision who owns the knicks and mickey arison who owns the heat and dan gilbert who, of course, owns the cavs. i will say dan gilbert has one big thing in his pocket because he already has lebron james, he can actually offer him one more year than the others can. he can offer six years around $125 million, $126 million versus the others who can only offer him five years and $96 million. if you just go with the money, you say lebron will go to the cavs. if he goes to the miami heat there is, of course, that income tax that you don't have to pay. the state income tax you don't have to pay and he could save about $14 million there over the
10:26 am
course of the contract. >> is he worth it? >> is he worth it from a financial standpoint? for some teams the answer is no. that is a great question. for the bulls who already have 99.1% capacity, yes, they can sell more concessions and sell more things, but you have to remember his jersey sale is going to be extremely hot if he leaves the cavs. you divide the jersey sales by all the teams, each are in equal partner and with some teams, it does not make sense to pay him, for example, $16.5 million, which is the max contract for next year and for other teams, i mean, the knicks will probably bring in dynamic pricing in the playoffs. so, if they play ten more home playoff games at $2.5 million, $3 million each, they've already made up their money. >> i have to run, but also about the endorsements, too. not just what the team is going to pay him. come city will bring him more money. >> he's got to go to the team
10:27 am
for the endorsements and he has to go to the team to win championships. >> which is why you're so popular. thanks, appreciate it. breaking news, by the way. we want to bring you to two people are reported dead and we're just getting these live pictures in now. a small plane, a four-passenger plane has crashed in williamstown, texas. once again, we understand two people are reported dead here. the plane crashed in a hay field. it's not exactly, you know, where the flight began and where it was headed or how long into the flight this was. of course, that will be a matter for the ntsb to figure out and in the coming hours and days, but, once again, a small plane crash in kansas and these live pictures going down in a hay field and two people are sadly reported dead. the oil disaster now expected to become the biggest oil spill in the gulf ever. and one man is planning a huge protest at bp's london headquarters. think world cup. we'll tell you about that. plus, he's known as a prince
10:28 am
of darkness, but ozzie osborn also the king of longevity. how is he still going strong as a senior citizen? he's got to call me a senior citizen. more on that in a moment as we continue with msnbc. i got into one of the best schools in the country!
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[ dog barking ] [ sniffing ] [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for just $25 more per pair. hurry in to sears optical today and don't miss a thing. welcome back to msnbc, i'm jeff rosen live pictures here as president obama is about to tackle a bunch of thorny issues. the economy, afghanistan and the oil disaster in the gulf, but today he turns to immigration reform. it will be his first major speech on the issue and we'll have it live for you coming up as it happens in just a moment. a lot going on on this thursday morning and this is the first day of july. so, happy july to you. alex is now a tropical storm, but don't be, don't be thrown off by that, still very dangerous and moving further inland, bringing high tide and flooding to parts of texas.
10:32 am
at least four to six inches of rain could fall on south padre. portland police reopened an investigation into a woman's claim that former vice president al gore made unwanted sexual advances during a massage appointment in 2006. gore's spokeswoman says he "emphatically denies the claim." police will not say why they reopened the case which was originally dismissed due to lack of evidence. one of those alleged russian spies is missing. authorities in cypress say they're stepping up the search for christopher metsso. boehner bashing and pelosi pummeling. house speaker pelosi and john boehner are factoring prominently in 2010 midterm campaign ads and attacks. nbc's luke russert here with today's hill say. what is that? hill say. i see. >> hill say, jeff, yes. happy july to you and welcome to hill say. >> off to a good start, it
10:33 am
appears. >> flying out of the gate. >> so the 50-foot puloso, what is that about? >> a few months away from the midterm elections and check out this absurd ad put out by right-wing group a few weeks ago categorizing nancy pelosi as a 50-foot monster. >> now, gore's grown our taxpayer dollars and defying the will of the american people, who has the power to stop her? who can save america? you, the pennsylvania voter! >> so, there you see it, jeff. these are the sort of turns the ad has taken this cycle already. recently john boehner, the republican minority leader from ohio made a comment where he compared the financial crisis of 2008 to being the size of an ant, saying that there should not be reform because it would be the equivalent of killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. president obama, obviously, took those comments and used them
10:34 am
quite forcefully yesterday in his speech in wisconsin. let's take a listen to that. >> they're snuffing out the america that i grew up in. this is killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. >> do you think that the financial crisis was an ant and we just need a little ant swatter to fix this thing or do you think that we need to restructure how we regulate the financial system so you are on the hook again and we don't have this kind of crisis again? >> so, there you see the president of the united states actually calling out john boehner, not by name, but by his position in the party. you're seeing pelosi and boehner now being at the forefront of the attacks. even the president of the united states going to boehner. check out a new ad that dnc ran about boehner that is running now in swing state markets. >> this week, john boehner compared wall street reform to killing an ant with a nuclear weapon. congressman boehner, this is a bunch of ants.
10:35 am
>> the economy is in crisis. >> there you see the ants, john boehner, this will come back to haunt him democrats hope in the 2010 midterms. he says, "the amount of financial regulation going in will stifle american growth and business, but this is a real present for democrats. one they hope to emploit in the 2010 midterms. we expect to hear it all the way up to november, jeff. >> if you're just going with marketing, that pelosi ad is hilarious. >> john boehner is in the ad and it's all the absurd on capitol hill. that is the feeder that american politics. >> no different than usual. >> thank you very much with hill say. appreciate it, luke, see you. on wall street the second half of the trading year is under way after finishing what was the worst start for stocks in eight years. here's a look at the markets in the first hour of trading right now and you can see all the major indexes now down 6%, 7%,
10:36 am
8% for the entire year. while the stock market is going down, our national debt is going up. projected to reach its highest level since the end of world war ii. cnbc trish regan joins me. trish, we had a really rough start to the year. what do the experts say we can do here for the second year to turn it around? >> a lot of it will depend on whether we see any kind of global recovery and there is a lot of concerns that they could get derailed. negative economic news out of china and europe in fragile state, in part, because they had run up so much debt and then you look at the u.s. and right now we're struggling with unemployment that is still near 10% and there's really no end in sight to this joblessness issue. that's a lot of what's weighing on the markets. investors are hoping that we get some kind of turn around in the second half of the year, but it's looking as though it could be doubtful. at least if we do get a turn around, the feeling is that it might be just very, very moderate. a lot of concerns, i would say, a lot of overhangs right now. one, jeff, is that the housing
10:37 am
market could be looking at a double-dip scenario. i mean, you look at the numbers that came in this morning and pending home sales up 30% in the last month. that's pretty dismal. it's twice as worse as anyone had thought, jeff. and it really starts to show the problem that you face when you start to interfere with market forces, because don't forget, there were a lot of policies in place to basically stimulate the housing market that home buyers, new home buyers tax credit, for example. that's worn off and we're sort of left with the hangover effect in housing. so, plenty of concerns out there. you mention the debt. that's going to continue to be a problem and one we should definitely talk about going forward. >> and we will. cnbc trish regan. thanks. for two straight days, no one has been skimming any oil off the gulf water. one gulf coast official says it's like the weather is holding them hostage. alex now a tropical storm sent strong winds, rains and winds into watters and both needed to
10:38 am
stay tied up because it was just too dangerous and it made beach cleanup, tough, too. want to join now jeff corwin the science and environment expert. jeff, great to see you on the beach there. >> good morning, jeff. here we are, we're at pensacola beach in florida. of course, during this time of the year, this beach should be cover would tourists and you ask how bad is the oil here and how bad could it spread? it is not covered with tourists, it is covered with oil. if you look at my feet, you can see this chocolate band stretching along the entire stretch of this beach. emulsified oil that has been rolling up with this surf. it's been mixing with the sand and anything it touches, it sticks to. quite remarkable stuff. i'm really taken aback. yesterday this beach was covered with workers. people trying to clean up the sand. we saw this oil yesterday and it is still here today and we're
10:39 am
having some impact to wildlife. this is a puffer fish and it's a beautiful, elegant-looking fish that should be surviving out there in the ocean. instead, it is rolled up on to this beach covered in oil and it is dead. >> all right, jeff corwin, thanks. we apologize for some of the mike problems and i see your cameraman is standing back as the waves pound behind you. what do those huge horns at the world cup have to do with the gulf oil disaster you ask? just gets more and more annoying, doesn't it. a call to organize. one man trying to plan a huge protest right front of bp's headquarters. trying to raise money for people to play the horns to aggravate bp's executives. so far he has raised more than $3,000. genetic researchers want to study hard rocker ozzie osborn to figure out why he is still
10:40 am
ali ali alive. why after decades of drug and alcohol abuse the 61-year-old black sabbath front-runner has suffered. some industries are skeptical mapping his dna would really mean nothing. >> i am sure that there will be surprises and interesting things in his dna. i think it's going to be very difficult, though, to learn new things that are meaningful in terms of the response to drugs and toxins from studying a single person. >> the doctor says it's very probable that it is due to quite a bit of luck. comes down to luck, all right. anyway, the pentagon wants to award the medal of honor to a living soldier and the white house is now reviewing it. but, guess what, this whole process is so secret the soldier's family doesn't know anything about it. we'll be right back.od su r. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help.
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more and more people are forgoing the car, traveling by bike or foot instead. the federal highway administration has released a new report that tracks biking and walking trends since the mid-'09s. both biking and walking trips are up 25% since 2001. biking fatalities and injuries are down since 1993. welcome back to msnbc on a thursday, i'm jeff rosen. we're going to have that for you live in the next five to six minutes we expect when he begins speaking and, also, there is talk that he did not bring this up during his state of the union speech. he actually did. he spoke about immigration during his state of the union this year and it will be
10:45 am
interesting to hear what he says now in american university in just a few minutes. meanwhile, democrats are down to the final four cities to host their 2012 national convention. charlotte, cleveland, minneapolis and st. louis will all get visits from the dnc, by the way. all those cities happen to be, drum roll, please, key swing states. the democratic convention takes place the week of september 3rd in 2012. for the first time since the vietnam war, the white house is concerning a warning for the nation's highest honor for valor for a soldier who lived to tell his story. it was back in 2007 in eastern afghanistan. this soldier ran through a wall of enemy fire to push back taliban fighters, saving the lives of at least half a dozen americans. i'm joined now by msnbc military analyst general jack jacobs who received the medal of honor from president nixon back in 1969. >> a very long time ago.
10:46 am
>> it always stays with you and we're very proud of you, jack. they handed out medales of honor to others since you but the first time to a living soldier since, basically, vietnam. the. >> for any action since vietnam and in the war on terror or whatever else you want to call it, half a dozen awards of medal of honor but all posthumous. >> why are they bringing it back? >> a lot of attention placed on it and a lot of recommendations to award the medal of honor and the people who had been recommended, all of them have been given lesser awards. but a lot of attention to the fact that there hasn't been a living recipient. questions on why there hasn't been and now it looks like there's -- and there may be another one or two in the pipeline, as well. the major stumbling block, by the way, it has to get through the services. the army, air force and marine corps and before it gets approved by the secretary of defense, once it's approve bide the secretary of defense it goes
10:47 am
to the white house. >> this is a secretive process. does the soldier even know? >> he might not know, as a matter of fact. sometimes he knows, but he, most cases he won't know. the first time i knew about it was when the colonel called me from a ward's branch about 18 months after the action and i was at ft. benning, georgia, called me and said, are you jack jacobs and were you at such and such a place and i said, i am. some major is going to call you to make the arrangements for you and your family to come to washington and receive the medal of honor. the first i heard about it. >> one of the best moments of your life? >> one of the scariest, i can tell you. >> why? >> because at the end of the day, you end up representing not just yourself but representing all those soldiers who can't be here. all those who perform valiantly and all saw their actions alternatively and even the witnesses were killed and it's a big, but it's a nice burden, but a big burden. >> it's amazing. jack jacobs, thank you so much.
10:48 am
always nice to have you here to hear the stories and i hope we can find out soon who this is. thank you, appreciate it. if you're wondering why our students are doing so poorly in school, wonder no more. wait until you hear just how many errors one school district had in their final exams. details in three minutes as we continue. u on the wall...this y. let's get better prices... and better paint. let's break out the drop cloths, rollers, brushes, and tape. let's start small. then go big. no matter what the budget. and when we're done, let's take a bow. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get $5 off any one-gallon can of any behr or glidden paint. built with quality and backed with the best coverage in america including a 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. that's 40,000 more miles than ford. chevy silverado half-ton. a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable,
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school officials in massachusetts are under fire this morning after a final exam was full of spelling and factual errors. school officials in springfield are taking responsibility for these embarrassing mistakes. more than 100 errors were found in the district's 11th and 12th grade final exams. the school superintendent says the district's own proofreaders dropped the ball. >> met with the private parties responsible and met with immediate supervisors and that's all i can say on that matter. >> officials say about 2,600 students from six different schools took the exam. so far no one has been fired. another setback in the job
10:52 am
market to tell you about. the number of people applying for unemployment benefits climbed unexpectedly higher last week, rising to 13,000, by 13,000 to 472,000 new claims. meantime, 1.3 million out of work americans hoping to get their benefits reinstated are out of luck. congress is about to head home for the fourth of july break without extending those benefits. democrats were unable to break a republican filibuster and without the extension some 150,000 teachers could be out of a job by the start of the school year. dennis van roqual is the president of the national education association. that's the nation's largest teacher's union. thanks for joining us, sir. >> thank you, good to be here. >> what do you make of othat? you have this bureaucratic log jam in washington and now teachers may be out of a job because of it. >> the time to act is right now. the house needs to vote on this bill. without it, hundreds of thousands of teachers lose their jobs and, worse yet, students
10:53 am
lose. larger class sizes, elimination of summer school and elimination of after-school programs and shorter year. this is not the time to wait. the time to act is right now. >> if they don't, what exactly happens? >> the fiscal year for school districts start today, july 1. without this bill they cannot hire these teachers back and districts are going to experience 50% more increase in class size and closing elementary school libraries and eliminating pe and music programs and congress has to act now and get together with teachers all across this country. >> once they're let go, they don't be hired back later? >> the fiscal year starts july 1 and most districts will not get additional funds during the year. so, it's very important that the timing of this, that they do it right now at the beginning of the fiscal school year for school districts. >> i'm sure there's serious lobbying going on. do you think congress can pull this off?
10:54 am
>> congress can pull it off and we have had a lot of lobbying at congress, but not by people like me. we brought in teachers and professional support employees who have been laid off. we brought in yaung woman, gina, who is a mother of two, a single mom. she received a pink slip. they have to look in her eyes and explain to her how in the world she's supposed to not only put food on the table, but how her students will survive with class sizes 50% larger. look in their faces and tell them, you don't have an answer. they need to act. >> to the members of congress who are watching this interview right now, what do you want to say to them? >> the time to act right now. vote education jobs bill. students have what they need during this coming year. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. that does it for me during this hour. alex witt is here to pick things up next hour. what do you have coming up? >> we are coming up to the top of the hour, jeff. still waiting for the president
10:55 am
to speak in washington. immigration reform in this country and you'll hear what he has to say. we'll take you there live. plus, live reports on texas on now tropical storm alex. also, courting king james. it is the day nba fans have been waiting for and you know what that's all about. all next here on msnbc. can fútbol announcer andrés cantor make any sport exciting? ha sido una partida intensa hoy. jadrovski está pensando. está pensando. veamos que va a hacer. moverá la reina o moverá el caballo? que tensión. viene... viene, viene, viene... gooooooooooooooool! geico. fifteen minutes could save you
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i'm alex witt. developing right now on msnbc, any minute the president is expected to speak in washington on an issue that has divided this country, that being immigration reform. the president is expected to lay out his vision for comprehensive reform, as well as talk about the importance of keeping the border secure. as soon as he begins speaking, we're are going to bring that to you live. they had a couple prayers, complication and we'll get you to the president shortly. let's go now to what was hurricane alex and has weakened to a tropical storm. alex slammed ashore as a powerful category 2 hurricane
10:59 am
with 100-mile-per-hour winds as well as torrential rain. alex was the most powerful june hurricane since 1966 and it made landfall 100 miles south of brownsville, texas. while texas was spared a direct hit, it is still being soaked by heavy rain. alex spawned two tornadoes in texas. we'll begin right there in the lone star state where warnings are up about flash floods and possible tornadoes still. mike bettes is joining us from brownsville. with a good morning to you, what is happening there now? at least it looks dry. >> it is dry for now here in brownsville. that is great news, alex. you know, they came through this in pretty good shape and the roadways are nice and dry and people are getting through pretty well and notice now they're already taking the boards off some of the buildings and they had tropical storm force winds here and very little wind damage. just a few trees were down and only one power transformer that was knocked down and


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